immo service tool 1.2 (2017)




Immo Service Tool 1.2 (2017)

The new version of the software for professionals working with immobilizers on cars of various brands (both passenger cars and trucks). This software is used to restore the immobilizer’s ability to work or to completely shut it down (immo off).  Also the software allows you to calculate the pin by dump (Dump to Pin), bind keys and clean the block for binding (Virgin).
This software has a built in database with information and images on how work with immobilizers of various cars.
This is the new version for 2017, which really works!

Do not confuse with the ancient and clumsy Immo Tool, which is lying on a freebie from 2010!

Attention: this software does not work with any programmers and flashers.

The software works only with the file itself!



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